Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Totally RAD 80's Party

For my husband's 40th birthday party, the theme seemed like a no brainer.  I just HAD to do an 80's themed party.  Denny is a kid at heart, he still watches his favorite 80's movies on a regular basis, and I am not sure when he will grow up.  I surprised him with this party, which was extremely difficult, but I think we pulled it off! 
I bought boxes for 97 cents each, covered them in black paper and taped neon colored sqaured to make giant rubiks cubes for decor on this table.  I covered the table with candy from the 80's (the dollar store was the BEST place to find most of these items!).  The Pac Man cake was a must, as my husband was and will always be a video game nerd. 
Each table centerpiece was an 80's explosion of jelly bracelets, rubik's cubes, slinkys, 80's style sunglasses, spray painted cassetts and VHS tapes.
I took place bulletin board paper and speckle painted it with neon colors (easiest thing ever!).  This was the simple set up for the photo booth, complete with a polaroid cut out and other 80's inspired props. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter dinner - easy, and almost free!

I hosted Easter dinner at my home this year.  My husband's family isn't huge, so the meal was for 13 people.  This was a good chance to do place settings cute, simple and cheap!  I don't think I bought anything for the place settings or decor, except the pink napkins.  Everything else was made from items I had around the house. 
I made the pendant banner out of scrapbook paper I had on hand.  Cut the letters out with my trusty Cricut.
I found a blog that made these adorable little bunny rabbit napkin holders that also served as a place card and I thought, that's not too hard, I can handle it!   And it was SO simple. 
For the place setting I used scrapbook paper as a place mat.  Then placed the plate in the middle of the scrapbook paper.  I topped that with a pink napkin and then the bunny place card. 
I dipped the rims of the glasses in Karo syrup and pink sprinkles and use some paper straws that I had left over from my son's birthday party.  The centerpieces where the eggs the kiddos made and some fresh cut flowers. 
Had to include a picture of these "kissing cousins"