about me

My name is Kate.  Short and simple.  My dad thought Kate would look better than Katie or Katelyn on a business card, so there you have it!   I am a Yankee relocated to the sweet south.  I am told by my friends and family up north that I have a “twang”, while I still hear from people in the south that I say certain things with a “New York” accent.  I don’t hear either!  I am married to my best friend and am so thankful God brought us together a little over ten years ago (YIKES!!!).  I always wanted to be a mom and God blessed us with one amazing little kid.  Logan was born in 2003 and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.    Being a mom is life’s greatest adventure.  Family and friends are extremely important to me.  I don’t know where I would be today if I didn’t have them to support me.   I am living miles away from my family and I miss them like crazy, but I have the coolest girl for a best friend, so it makes life a little easier.  Photography is a passion of mine, but I have yet to take the plunge and start charging and call myself a “photographer”!!!  I can be a bit of a perfectionist, so I feel like, until I know it all, I am doing an injustice to people by charging them a fee to do something I love.  So, until then, I take pictures for anyone and everyone who will let me (or not let me, in my son’s case!).  I consider myself creative.  I love taking other people’s ideas and putting my own spin on it and then seeing how well I can pull it off.  I am blessed, life is good. 

I have the most amazing sisters a girl could ask for.

I like when friends are like family, so glad I have my best girl Roselyn.

A few of my favorite things…
  • Peep toe pumps
  • Logan singing The Beatles
  • Date nights with Denny
  • Assaulting people my camera
  • Logan playing baseball
  • James Patterson
  • The beach
  • Rollercoasters with Logan
  • Kettle cooked chips
  • Chocolate (in ANY form)
I could do without:
  • condiments
  • plastic cups
  • Clowns