Thursday, July 7, 2011

Island Bridal Shower

My sister Kim is getting married.  She was my best friend growing up and I just love her to bits!  After several years apart, she reconnected with a good friend of ours from high school.  It's so amazing to see how God works and how His timing is perfect. 

For her shower my mom and sisters decided to go with a honeymoon destination (Caribbean) theme.  Here are some of the details from the shower. 

my mom loves scrapbooking, so of course there was a scrapbook for the shower, it included a copy of the invitation, which I always think is such a good idea to give the guest of honor a copy of the invitation

homemade cake made by a talented friend of the family

a childhood favorite, dirt cake!  instead of regular oreos, we used the white oreos, they turned out adorable!

table setting and details

a toast to the bride to be

a picture of Kim and Randy from high school, with a story from Randy's mom about how, even when we were all friends in high school, she knew Kim would one day be her daughter in law.  


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